There are two ways to do Trenchless Sewer Repair and or replacement. One way is called “Pipe Bursting” and the other is “Pipe Lining“. Rancho Santa Fe Plumbers proudly offers both methods to the Palm Springs community.

We now have the ability to re-line your old sewer line instead of replacing it. Sewer line repair eliminates all cracks, leaks, holes or roots that may be causing trouble to your system. Relining is essentially creating one, solid pipe with no joints.

Most homes built pre 1970’s have sewer and drain lines composed of either cast iron or clay. Traditionally, you will find cast iron in a home or building and clay sewer pipe outside the building to the city connection. The primary problem with cast iron pipe is cracking and the bottom of the pipe rusting or rotten out. Clay pipes primary problem is cracking from tree roots entering the pipe, then growing larger and cracking the clay.

We get phone calls all the time asking if the city is responsible for a tree or if it’s a city tree that is located near the street. Most cities put the responsibility on the residents for the maintenance of their sewer lines from the house to the city connection (which is located at the city main). The primary and extremely common problems seen in clay pipes are root intrusion at the joints and cracks (Tree or plant roots have penetrated the pipe for a water source).

Root intrusion into sewer pipe systems is reported to cause 80% of all sewer blockages. Interference between trees and sewer systems is likely to occur in older systems and in cracked pipes. Factors that contribute to damage include older pipes with joints, shallow pipes, small-dimension pipes, and fast-growing tree species. Costs associated with caring for root intrusion in the past has been expensive and laborious. Unfortunately, running a drain snake is rarely a permanent fix. With the trench-less method, roots can no longer enter the line and that’s why we warranty the sewer for 50 years.

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