Clear the Toughest Drain Clogs — the Safe Way

Say goodbye to slow or stopped drains. Palm Springs Plumbers use high-pressure water jetting to clear and clean many drain and sewer line clogs. This method even clears drains with large grease buildups (often found in kitchen sinks) and keeps your drain clear for longer.

What is hydro jetting?

High-pressure jetting uses water, and specialized nozzles and hoses to clean the insides of drains in your home. Here’s how it works:

  • The specialized nozzles are inserted into your slow/stopped up drains.
  • Water is pumped into the drain at high pressures.
  • This high velocity of water breaks through the gunk and grime, opening your drain.
  • The water also washes away sludge and grease that sticks to the sides of the pipe.
  • Your drains are restored to like-new condition.

Why have your drains cleaned with hydro jetting?

High-pressure jetting has several advantages, including:

  • Better at clearing soft blockages like grease and scale buildup. Other drain clearing methods work to break up hard blockages like root intrusion. But high-pressure jetting works great on softer blockages like grease buildup.
  • Removes more junk & keeps your drains clog free—for longer. The nozzles clean the whole pipe, restoring your drains to like-new condition and helping prevent future clogs, as well.
  • Safe for your pipes. Because high-pressure jetting uses normal water, it’s safe for your pipes, preventing damage to your drains.
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