Trenchless sewer lining replacement is a method of replacing an old pipe with a new pipe using the existing damaged sewer line as a passage and guide for the new pipe. Palm Springs Plumbers does this by digging a small access hole where the pipe starts. Using your damaged sewer line as a guide, our inversion machine inserts a sleeve filled with a two-part epoxy resin that cures in just a few short hours. You no longer have to cut a trench through your yard, sidewalk, or driveway to replace sewer pipes. Trenchless sewer lining technology creates a seamless pipe, which prevents infiltration, restores the structural integrity of the original pipe, and eliminates any pipe joints (which weaken and allow root intrusion). Trenchless sewer lining replacement takes less time than older methods like traditional excavation and restoration. It’s also approved by almost all local plumbing authorities and up to code specifications.

trenchless_sewer-liningAs you can see, this is a before and after picture, we used the lining method of Trenchless sewer replacement. This was a cast iron line that we hydro jetted to remove all debris before we installed the new liner.

Additional Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Lining:

Calcification In Sewer Lines Over Time

Calcium deposits from water form a crusted coating called “calcification” which clogs up household pipes and drain lines, especially when hard water is in use. Once pipes are lined with epoxy, calcification can no longer occur because the deposits cannot adhere to the interior walls of the new epoxy barrier pipe.

Ground Movement Affects Sewer Line Integrity Major

Seismic activity can cause breaks in sewer and drain lines, but more frequently, minor seismic activity causes cracking and structural damage at the joints. The seamless, “joint less” nature of the PIP (Pipe In Pipe) method means not only is the existing problem solved, but the new, seamless pipe will avert future problems as well.

Your New Sewer Lining Prevents Future Root and Rodent Intrusion

The epoxy resin used in lining your new sewer contains root and rodent killer as well. This will prevent future intrusion into your sewer lines or pipes, providing you decades worth of maintenance and service free use. No more rooting out your drain every every 6 months!

We own our Trenchless Sewer Lining equipment. We also do trenchless sewer lining jobs for most of the plumbers, who then mark up the cost to you. When you call us directly, that saves you money!

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